know before you play

Please read these Park Rules prior to entering the Park. Since Good Times Park® offers an unstructured, self-use play space for families to enjoy together, minimal staff is necessary to supervise play activities. However, activities in the Park are diligently monitored. 

We expect that all families entering Good Times Park® understand the Park’s rules & the importance of following the published/posted expectations. If Park staff are subject to negative or derogatory comments, confrontation, or refusal to follow the Park’s rules, the offending customer(s) will be required to immediately leave the Park without refund.

Good Times Park® reserves the right to refuse entrance or cancel memberships without notice (or refund) for violating standards of courteous and respectful play or failure to follow published/posted rules.

  • Clothing: Athletic shoes & socks are required to be worn at all times while in the Park, except when using the inflatable jumper, which requires only socks to be worn. Socks are available for purchase in the vending machine! Bare feet are not permitted anywhere in the Park.

    Children & adults should be dressed for active play and wear light, comfortable clothing.High-heeled shoes are not permitted. 
  • Payment: Prior to entering, paid admission is required for each child through 17 years old.  There is no charge for babies under 1 year with the paid admission for an older sibling or supervising adults age 18+ years. Single-child households with infants (under one) must purchase a paid admission to receive an entrance code and to acknowledge the park's liability waiver.
  • Violators: Good Times Park reserves the right to automatically charge Violaters who enter with more children than paid for, the full rate plus an administrative fee of $20.
  • Supervision: While inside the Park, all children age 17 and under must be accompanied by an Adult (age 18 or older). Adults must interact with or keep in visual contact with their child(ren) while they play in the play areas. Young children must be escorted to & assisted in the restrooms. Continuous or repeated misbehavior will not be tolerated. Adults who fail to adequately supervise their chidren in the play areas may be required to leave the Park.  
  • Entrance Code: Entry to the Park requires an entrance code, which is provided upon completing an on-line purchase through the Park's website. Sharing the entrance code with unpaid or unknown persons to enter the Park is strictly prohibited. If the entrance code is shared, the person who purchased the entrance code will be financially responsible for all children who enter with that entrance code. 
  • Security: Do not hold the interior entrance doors open to allow unpaid or unknown persons to enter behind you. 

    • Activities in the Park are monitored by video cameras & other technologies.
  •  Birthday Parties & Celebration Activities Are NOT PERMITTED: Birthday parties & celebration acitivies including using the picnic area for table decorations, birthday candle ligthing, present opening, birthday-decorated cup/cakes, or invited guest food & beverages, etc. are not permitted.  Having children dropped off for a hosted group play event is not permitted at Good Times Park®.

    • Drop-in attempts to violate this standard with invited guests for a planned event may result in a $400 facility charge and/or future prohibition from entering the Park.
  • Prohibited Items: Gum, balloons, glass containers, hair/scarf/sewing pins/needles, high-heeled shoes, personal children's toys (such as Hot Wheel cars or marbles), cooking or food warmers, pinatas, art projects involving paint, games with small pieces, presents, gift bags, birthday-decorated cup/cakes, and alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere in the Park. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is also not permitted in the Park. 
    • Persons responsible for balloons floating to the ceiling may be charged a $100.00 facility fee to cover the cost of removing the balloon before it interferes with heating & lighting systems. 
  • Toys & Other Equipment: Each play area is fully equipped with balls or other equipment needed to play the activities permitted in the Park. Certain activities, such as softball, baseball, jump roping, frisbee, skateboarding, rollerskating, golfing, etc., are not permitted in the Park. Bringing additional play equipment for a prohibited activity or bringing children's personal toys (suchs as Hot Wheels cars or marbles) into the Park is also prohibited.
  • Food & Beverages: Food or beverages are permitted only in the self-clean picnic area, which has a hand wash station, table wipes, waste containers & brooms. Persons who use the picnic area are expected to clean the table, chairs, and high chairs and to sweep the floor under their table when done. Tables may not be held or reserved. When not eating at the table, personal belongings, such as snack bags, water bottles, etc., must be stored in the cubbies located near the picnic area.
  • Safety & Cleanliness:  Do not bring children who have known cold & flu-like symptoms (such as fever, vomiting, coughing, nasal drainage) or possible contagious conditions to the Park for at least 24-hours following the end of the symptoms. Utilize the first aid, spill center & biological clean kits if needed and report spills, biological incidents or hazards immediately. Adults must accompany young children in the restroom. To prevent further exposure or bilogical incidents, children who vomit in the Park will be required to leave the Park as soon as possible. Adults who fail to clean up and/or report biological accidents caused by their child(ren) in the Park may be banned from future use of the Park.  
  • Liabiltiy Waiver:  Through the on-line purchase process, the Liability Waiver is electronically acknowledged (with a check box) for the children who enter the Park under your entrance code. So whether you purchase a Play Today Pass®, a membership or a guest pass under your current membership, the children who enter the Park under your designated entrance code are bound by the terms & conditions of the Liability Waiver.

    • It is not necessary to physically sign the Liability Waiver, to print it or to bring it with you. The Liability Waiver may be printed here, if necessary.

Printable Waiver

  • Specific Play Areas:  Certain play areas have posted rules that are specific to that play area. Adults must determine if each play activity is appropriate for their child(ren) and to enforce to posted play standards. Examples include to following:
    • Itty Bitty Play Space: Only children under age 3 years are permitted in the Itty Bitty Play Space. Adult supervision is required in this area at all times. Removing play items from this area to other areas of the Park is not permitted.

    • Inflatable Jumper: No other equipment such as balls, hula hoops, toys, etc. are allowed in the inflatable jumper area. Wrestling, pushing, flips, and sommersaults are not permitted on the jumper. 

    • Imagine & Build: This area requires close adult supervision to ensure children share the blocks and don't throw, fight with, remove or chew on the blocks. 
  • Religious Activities:  Good Times Park® is an active recreational park designated for children to play. Any religious or ceremonial activities must be limited to the designated prayer area or picnic area and not interfere with normal business operations for which the Park is intended. For safety & sanitation purposes, bottle flushing & feet washing are not permitted in the bathrooms.   
  • Standards of Conduct:  All play areas and activities are self-monitored.  Children and Adults are required to:
    • Promote and maintain a positive, playful environment; 
    • Be respectful of others, the facility and the play equipment; 
    • Observe posted security signs and not allow access to the play facility to unauthorized persons; 
    • Adhere to posted standards & common sense safety practices; 
    • Participate within your own physical abilities; 
    • Stop unsafe, unruley activities, and report unsafe acts or equipment; and 
    • Clean up any messes made in restrooms, diaper-changing or picnic areas, and loose-part play areas before leaving to another area.

Anyone determined to have engaged in threatening, argumentative, destructive or disrespectful behavior, unauthorized touching or use of inappropriate communication (such as: yelling, name calling, or profane or offensive language) shall be banned from the premises without a refund.

  • Protect Valuables:  If cell phones, jewelry, wallets, cameras, and other valuables are brought into the Park, they should not be left unattended. For safety & security purposes, power outlets are for Park Use Only. Plugging in or charging electronic devices in the Park is not permitted.  

    • Good Times Park® is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property brought into the Park, including any items placed in storage cubbies.  Theft and malicious behavior may be reported to the authorities.  

Review the FAQ's for answers to frequently asked questions.