admission requirements

Payment: Prior to entering, paid admission is required for each child ages 1 through 17 years old. 

  • On-line purchases with a debit/credit card only. Cash payments are not accepted.
  • Purchases & entrances are monitored. Allowing unknown persons or unpaid children in to the Park is prohibited. 

Supervision: Children must be accompanied by an adult age 18+ years inside the Park at all times.

Entrance Code: The entrance code displays after completing an on-line purchase & it appears on the emailed receipt. The 5-digit entrance code (followed by the # sign) must be input into the keypad by the entrance door before entering the Park. 

pricing & purchasing

Good Times Park® is an indoor playground for families to enjoy unstructured & fun play time together in a safe, self-use play space. The Park's entrance, which is locked & electronically controlled & monitored, requires each customer to input their assigned entrance code into the keypad to gain entrance. An entrance code is assigned upon completing an on-line purchase. The Park's play areas are staffless - meaning adults must supervise their children while they play.

STEP 1: Review the admission requirements, pricing & membership options & terms.  

STEP 2: Click the 'Make a Purchase Here' button to complete an on-line purchase BEFORE arriving at the Park on the date you're playing, being sure to pay for each child age 1 through 17 years old. Your entrance code will appear on the screen following your purchase & will be printed on the emailed receipt.

  • Babies under 1 year & accompanying adults age 18+ years are free. Non-supervising adults & adults-without children are not permitted. If your only child is under 1 year old, call 612.418.8427 from inside the Park's entrance to obtain a complimentary entrance code.

STEP 3: Input your assigned entrance code into the key pad before entering the Park.

Single-Day Membership Per Child

  • Purchase & play on same day 
  • Valid for date of purchase only
  • Cost: $10.25 + tax per child (Age 1-17)
  • No group purchases

Used passes are non-refundable. The entrance code is valid for date of purchase only. Re-entry permitted for same child(ren) only. Sharing the entrance code for other children is prohibited. REMIDNER: Birthday groups, celebration activities & hosted-play groups are not permitted - See below for more details. Childcare organizations with 9 or more children must be pre-registered - See Field Trip page for guidelines.

*Taxes not included. All prices subject to change.
cancel membership

Complete and submit the form below to request that your membership be cancelled at the end of the current month or a future month end.

* Reason for Cancellation

Recurring Monthly Membership

Enjoy ongoing, unlimited access to the Park for the child(ren) covered with a recurring monthly payment & the same entrance code until you cancel the membership. 
After the initial purchase (see note below), the membership automatically continues with a recurring payment at the monthly rate (plus tax) on the first day of each calendar month. The recurring monthly rate (plus tax) will be automatically charged to the credit card on file on the first day of each calendar month, unless the purchaser cancels the membership PRIOR TO the next bill date. Purchaser authorizes recurring monthly charge to credit card on file. 
Number of Children (Age 1-17)           Recurring Monthly Rate (plus tax)* 
1   $22.00
2   $44.00
3   $66.00
4   $88.00
5   $110.00

*NOTE: Unless this membership is purchased on the first day of a calendar month, the first payment to start the membership includes the prorated cost for the number of days remaining in the purchase month, plus the full cost of the next calendar month.


Yearly Membership

Enjoy unlimited access with the same entrance code to the Park for the child(ren) covered by the membership for one year from the date of purchase.  

The full cost of the yearly membership is due at the time of purchase. It expires one year from date of purchase (or conversion from a recurring monthly membership). Yearly memberships are not refundable, transferable or renewable. An email will be sent on the expiration date.  

Number of Children (Age 1-17) 

   Yearly Rate (plus tax)* 
1   $150.00
2   $260.00
3   $370.00
4   $480.00
5   $590.00

important membership information

  • Children covered under a membership must be of the same immediate family & living in the same household. Daycare & multi-family nanny/Grandparent memberships are not available. Rotating children is not permitted.
  • Memberships may be upgraded or downgraded effective the first day of each calendar month to add or remove children age 1 through 17 living in the household. (FAQ: How do I increase or decrease the number of children covered?
  • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.  
  • Members may purchase guest passes at a discounted rate prior to or upon entering the Park. If not pre-purchased or requested upon entering, the regular rate will apply for any additional children. (FAQ: How do I purchase guest passes?
  • Following a membership purchase, a confirming email will be sent.

Not Permitted: hosted group play, holiday/birthday celebration events, multi-family reunions

Customer-hosted group/team play, multi-family reunions or holiday/birthday or other celebration events are not permitted at the Park. Related celebration activities, including presents, decorations, tableware, gift bags, birthday-decorated cup/cakes, etc. are not permitted.  Violators will be denied access or required to leave. The Park reserves the right to charge a $400.00 fee for customers who host an unauthorized group event. Review the Rules & FAQ's for more information.