gtp court

Be sure to check out gtp court for all sorts of dribbling, shooting, running and other ball bouncing activities.

Featuring two hoops (one lower and one higher) and Sport Court® Response flooring with free-throw and 3-point shooting lines, along with colorful four-square, hopscotch & 'how high can you reach' play areas. Equipped with dodge balls, mini-basketballs, hoppers and an assortment of junior & official basketballs for the whole family.

Kicking/throwing balls towards the ceiling should be avoided.
Please return balls that you to used to racks & baskets before leaving GTP Court.

park rules

Shoes recommended. Socks required. Bare feet are not allowed anywhere in the Park.

Parent-hosted group play time/birthday parties, birthday activities, presents & cup/cakes are not permitted.

Paid admission required for children ages 1 through 17 years.

Enjoy food & beverages in the self-clean picnic area only. 

Adult supervision required at all times.